5 Common Treatments for Infertility of Men

Contrary to traditional beliefs that men cannot have the potential to become infertile, recent studies prove that they do and the number of cases of infertility of men continues to rise.

It is believed that 6.1 million people in the United States are affected by infertility and this is true to both men and women alike. Ten percent of them are in their rich reproductive age.

You can almost be certain that you or your partner is infertile when you have been trying to conceive for more than a year without success. It can also manifest through a miscarriage that has happened more than once. For women, infertility means the inability to get pregnant or carry a full term pregnancy. For men, it is being unable to impregnate a woman due to low sperm count among other causal factors.

Luckily, there are certain conditions of infertility of men that can be resolved and corrected. Some cases of infertility can be treated and here’s how:

  1. A healthy diet is important to keep your fertility at its optimum state. Make it a habit to include fruits and vegetables in your daily diet. Avoid eating fast foods and other foods containing high preservatives as it can affect your reproductive health. Cook foods at home and do away with artificial seasoning and food additives.
  2. Regular exercise is also a natural treatment for infertility of men. Stress can affect sperm count and motility. By doing reasonable amount of physical workout, you are keeping your body healthy and fit. Avoid smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages as it can impair and slow down sperm production. Caffeine in drinks and foods should also be minimized if not avoided as it can have the same effect as alcohol.
  3. Have a regular check-up with your doctor to talk about important fertility health issues. Your doctor can also prescribe some very essential fertility supplements to help improve sperm volume, increase sperm count and boost overall condition of your sperm. If you want to take any of these supplements, ask for assistance with regards to the best brands to take to ensure safety and reduce health risks.
  4. If you have been diagnosed to have varicocele, a condition that involves the enlargement of the veins in the scrotum, you can undergo a microsurgery to correct the condition.  This involves an intrusion of the damaged veins. This type of treatment for infertility of men helps improve semen production and have resulted to successful pregnancies in 60 percent of couples.
  5. If you are facing infertility as a result of premature ejaculation, it can be treated using the squeeze technique. This is done by stimulating the male until he is close to orgasm. This technique makes longer intercourse possible. Premature ejaculation can also be treated by collecting the ejaculate and using AI or artificial insemination to fertilizer the egg.
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