8 Disadvantages of a Nursing Home

During this time of change these people are experiencing one of the most difficult periods of their lives. Not only is it difficult for the person making the move, but also for that person’s family and friends.

Here are more disadvantages:

1. The person is usually very sad. This is quite justified since they are usually leaving the only home they have known for years — including all the memories.

2. Most fear a nursing home because they consider it the final step before death. This is usually true since once there, they usually do not return to their own home.

3. Loneliness is a continuing problem with many. For some visits from their loved ones are few and far in-between.

4. Once in a home, you lose your independence. This in itself gives the feeling that their life is over. Along with loss of independence, they lose their self-esteem too. Now, anything they do is part of a scheduled activity.

5. Freedom is missed. They now have to eat what is served or do not eat at all. The following freedoms no longer exist:

a. To cook for their family or friends

b. Showering can only be done with the help of nurses on the nurse’s schedule

c. Laundry is done with everyone else’s laundry

d. TV watching is done only when allowed.

6. No longer can they attend their own church; but, instead attend the service provided by the home.

7. Lose their own personal doctor; and, instead one is provided by the home.

8. They may become very angry at their child or children for putting them there. This causes all kinds of heartache in the family.

Sometimes there is no choice and a loved one must enter a nursing home. That is understandable; however, all situations are different. If I had to do it all over again for my mom, I would definitely consider at home care.

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