A New Approach Is Required to Promote Sexual Well-Being

A fresh approach is required to promote sexual well-being. For too long have the sexual and reproductive health strategy solely been informed by risks and diseases. It disregards the fact positive sexuality can only be experienced when the natural desires and affections of people can be experienced physically, psychologically and socially whilst complying to the mores and values that exist within socio-cultural environment. For this reason the sexual and reproductive health approaches underscores sexual well-being as a psycho-social resource. The great emphasis placed on diseases and risk may lead to misconceptions on how people should direct their sexual energy, manage their relationships and how they should regard sexual fulfilment. These misconceptions could easily lead to feelings of guilt and discontent.

Instead a positive strategy that builds on the psychological capital and behaviour of people and the socio-cultural values and norms that exist in society is needed. By building on the psychological capital such as hope, self-efficacy, resilience and optimism opportunities are created to normatively develop the viewpoints and sexual strengths of people and to consider sex and relationships as something good and valuable. Together with psychological capital and support provided in the socio-sexual environment the sexual habits of people could be positively affected which will eventually leads to improved well-being. Positive sexual habits not only lead to practicing safe sex but also serve as means to conserve sexual behaviour, social conformity, individuality, and to characterise a person. Positive sexual habits will also empower people fully experience sexual gratification whilst respect for sexual partners increased. Not only will this result in higher levels of psychological achievement, but also in higher levels of healthy sexual expectations.

Building on the hope of people provides will and way power to individuals to direct their energy towards sexual goal pursuit and success. Creating sexual hopeful people requires that strategies are based upon a full understanding of people’s sexual desires and designed to assist people to accomplish their sexual objectives in a manner that carries positive consequences, even in the face of obstacles, not only for the individual but for all involved in the sexual relationship. In this regard the socio-sexual environment should be structured and governed to advance people to exercise choice and control over their sexual expectations and personal sexual qualities. This include amongst others provision of pathways to live sexual productive lives in tolerance with others and experience sexual efficacy in congruence with the norms and value expectations of the environment.

If a country can succeed in developing a positive sexual health strategy rooted in a positive psychological philosophy the risk of disease and sexual discontent may reduce. Such a strategy may even move people towards better citizenship in other life domains as the strategy will build on the inner strengths of the people and not on their vulnerabilities and weaknesses. However such a strategy can only succeed if normative data are also developed to monitor progress in sexual-well-being over time.

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