Allergy-Free Dog Food – Best Ways To Deal With Your Dog’s Food Allergy

After a hard days work, it’s definitely refreshing to play with your pet dog. For many of us, they are part of our family and we love dogs as much as we love our family members. Like how feel sad when our children or spouse or any other family member feel ill, we have the same feeling towards our dog too when it is ill. Am I right? The worst part is that many times we do not the reason for it to become ill. When we take it to the vet, he would say the ailment is due to food allergy.

You would definitely be worried if you hear that the illness is due to the food that your dog eats. One symptom through which you can identify food allergies in dogs is excessive scractching due to itching. If you closely watch, you can understand that main food items that cause allergy would be corn, soy, wheat, beef, chicken, etc. Don’t ever waste time if you feel your dog is not well. Immediately take it to the vet for diagnose and treatment.

Few symptoms of food allergy in dogs include itching, scratching, licking the foot, biting or chewing his body parts. You may introduce lamb as a subsititute for proteins.

Normally, vets give hypo-allergenic formulas to treat food allergies in dogs and these forumals are quite expensive. The fact is that it is possible to understand food allergies in dogs without even going to the vet. Anti-allergy dog foods are in market, which you may give them to your best friend, dogs. Start giving these allergy-free food items. Lots of nutrients are avialable in these food mixes and are formulated especially for dogs.

You get two variant of dog mixes, one is chicken-based and the other fish protein. Experiment with various food items that are protein rich. Observe keenly and check for the reaction. You can finally understand which food mix your dog likes and at the same time not allergic to it. Stick to this food mix.

Few points to ponder when introducing new food mixes to your pet dog:

a) You should give it for at least six days continuously.

b) Ratio should be 4:1, that is, 4 parts of old food : 1 part of new food

c) Slowly increase this proportion for six days. Once you have started to give the new food mix completely, stick to it for a minimum of seven days.

d) Check for any allergic reaction before you take a call on whether to stick to old food mix or the new one.

It is impossible to solve food allergy at once. Start giving a neutral food. Ensure that it is grain-free. Once you find the protein that is right for your pet, introduce grain to the diet. Check for the reaction. It is definitely possible to save huge amount of money if you start to experiment things by yourself. Like how we require nutrients like vitamins, minerals, proteins, etc., dogs too require a balanaced diet.

You might have two pet dogs in your home, may be even same breed. However, it doesn’t mean that food habits should be similar for both of your pets. One pet may be allergic to certain kind of food mix; however, the same food mix may do good for the other pet. Do not jump into conclusions if a particular food is allergic for one pet, it will be the same for other too.

Once you understand the symptoms, it will definitely be easy for you to know what has to be done to resolve the problem.

Take good care of your pet…all the best!

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