Candida Infection Symptoms – Food Allergies, Fatigue, Aches, and Joints Feel Stiff All the Time

I have this 36 years old male friend who has had Candidiasis for 18 years. His candida infection symptoms started as seasonal allergies then progressed to bowel problems and later to allergies to almost everything; inhalant, food, and chemical. During 8 years period – before he knows he has Candida – he took many courses of antibiotics for recurring sinus infections and later had sinus surgery. Of course it didn’t help. While on the antibiotics he felt good, but a couple of weeks after completing a course his sinuses would become infected again and the cycle would repeat.

He started seeing Dr. Truss, and his symptoms have slowly improved over the years since treatment first began; however he is far from being well. The treatment program consists of Nystatin, allergy injections, and the low-carb diet, which he can’t seem to stick with. His complaints are inhalant/food allergies, fatigue, aches, tiredness, lethargy, and stiffness in joints. He has read a lot about bowel cleansing, and is asking its effect for Candidiasis.

To some of the things he writes about I can comment on. I noticed in a reduction in my symptoms after a long treatment with Homozon, a bowel cleanser. MSM helped the rest. The fatigue can be related to foods as well. You have to start reading labels on everything you buy packaged. You may be sensitive to additives that you are unaware of. Fatigue, aches, tiredness, lethargy is definitely a symptom of Candida, Especially-die-off. Also give your body vitamin B complex as well as antioxidants. Support your adrenal system also, there are many bottled supplements.

My joint stiffness is related to eating sugar and corn products. It takes 2 weeks for a food irritant to leave my body. That is why enemas are such a good thing for me at these suffering moments. Have you tried one to see if it would end your symptoms? It also helps with the die-off symptoms.

We talked about the liver cleanse, kidney cleanse and parasite cleanses. Bowel cleanses come after these because you cannot flush debris out of your body if the rest of it is clogged up. Since you have so many symptoms, like most of us, I would recommend starting at the begging and doing cleanses entirely. You will feel a difference and then notice that you need fewer supplements to make you feel well, saving you money and improving your immune system. This I believe is the foundation to fighting this syndrome.

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