Doctors Say Ejaculate More For Better Physical and Reproductive Health

Recent survey suggests ejaculating more times per day gives you healthier sperm. It might be time to switch up your schedule and pencil in a date with your partner.

A recent survey reported at the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology conference indicates that making love daily will increase sperm count and overall amount in guys with a history of reproductive troubles, debunking the usual advice doctors were previously suggested to give, which is to copulate 2 or three times per week each week.

Of the 118 guys which were tested in the study, 8 of every 10 exhibited a twelve percent decline in damage to there sperm cells DNA after having sex once every day over a week.

Dr. David Greening, a researcher involved in this study, suggested to delegates at the conference that the longer sperm is kept in the testicles, the more damage to the sperm cells is exhibited. Dr, Greening also theorized that the warm surroundings in a man’s testicles may cause the sperm cells to become less mobile.

Genie James, administrator of The Natural Hormone Institute of America and co-author of the new book, “In the Mood Again,” is an avid spokesperson for the idea that frequent sex. Her motto is, “If you don’t use it, you lose it.”

James stated lovemaking daily isn’t just good for increasing sperm, but it’s also a positive means of keeping healthy and in good physical condition.

“What is good for your heart is also good for the genitals,” James said.

Regrettably for horny house wives, recent findings by a British survey concluded that one of three guys under 40 would rather play video games than make love to their wife. Clearly this is a huge problem for many couples. So what can be done?

The Doc said there are often rudimentary elements for example lack of sleep, fatigue and sleeping disorders that sometimes play a role in the decay of the male libido.

Gaining excess weight is also a serious matter that may lead to excess glycoprotien in your system, glycoprotein is a, sex hormone-binding globulin or SHBD.

“It propagates into the system like Velcro attaching itself to the testosterone in the blood stream,” James said. This glycoprotein doesn’t just lead to men having low libido, but also lessons erectile quality.

Many times this condition can easily be eliminated. Dr. James said couples need to go back to the basics.

Staying away from foods high in saturated fats, caffeine and alcohol, and taking flax seeds, nuts and different fruits into your diet is said to help intensify libido, Said James.

Daily Exercise is another easy way for increasing sexual activity in both men and women.

“If you feel good about yourself and healthy in your own body, you’re more likely to share it with someone else,” James said.

And finally, James says it is crucial to remember that making love is meant to be fun, and it should never turn into a routine between you and your partner.

“My experience is that men are happy when their partners suggest some kind of different twist to start their sexual escapade,” James said.

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