Dr Bob & Debbie’s Guide to Sex and Romance by Dr Robert DeMaria and Debbie Maria

Putting the Spark Back into Your Romance

Husband and wife team, Robert and Debbie DeMaria join forces in their book “Dr. Bob & Debbie’s Guide to Sexual Romance: Drugless Principles to Enhance Your Sex Life.” The book provides guidelines for improving the readers health, marriage, and romance.

Dr. Bob is a firm believer in using natural health practices as proactive and preventive measures to eliminate the need for prescription drugs and the accompanying risk of their many destructive side effects.

Debbie addresses issues related directly to women. She gives counsel drawn from her own experiences as well as examples of others who have applied the same principles set forth in DeMaria’s natural health clinics and seminars. Dr. Bob addresses applications for men in his own unique and straightforward communication style.

Helpful insights and tips reveal the impact of health, nutrition, and hygiene on romance in courtship and marriage. The authors emphasize the sacredness of God’s plan for intimacy and the sanctity of finding fulfillment and bonding in the sexual relationship in marriage and the pleasure this brings into the union.

This is a book for Pastors, marriage counselors, and laymen. “Dr. Bob & Debbie’s Guide to Sex and Romance” is a helpful guide for young couples planning on marriage and for parents to naturally talk to their kids about sex, abstinence, and the rewards of discipline. This is a book for anyone wanting to restore romance into their relationship naturally without using drugs.

Destiny Image Inc., 978-0972890748

As Reviewed for Midwest Book Review

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