Find the Right Dual Diagnosis Treatment Facilities

Drug and alcohol addiction or substance abuse in itself is a problem pretty hard to deal with in the population of young adults in today’s world. Add to the bag of worries an extra element of a state of mental disturbance or psychological disorder and you have got on your hand a volcano waiting to erupt. But unfortunately, in today’s scenario a large percentage of people suffering from substance abuse are also in a state of psychological chaos. And the biggest problem is that often one cannot decide the root of the problem.

While in people the emotional disturbance might have sparked off the usage of drugs and addictives while in others it might be the other way round where the drug abuse drove the addict to a state of mental disorder. But according to statistics, it is mostly the emotional factors that lead a person into doing drugs and alcohol. Certain untimely and unprecedented incidents, often termed as the trigger affect a person’s psychology and scar his mind. As a result he takes to drugs and alcohol in a futile attempt to gain reprieve from the pressure on his mind or the feeling of desolation in his heart, resulting in an explosive cocktail of addiction and unpredictable behavior.

Hence, it is imperative that the friends and family members of a person going through such a situation should seek out a dual diagnosis treatment facility at the earliest and enroll the patient for the treatment program. It is important to remember that a normal addiction treatment center or an institute for mental disorder may not help to give a holistic solution to the problem as it is a double edged sword we are dealing with here. Hence, one should seek out facilities offering dual diagnosis treatment for such cases. A rehabilitation center offering dual diagnosis has professionals to deal with both the problems of addiction as well as mental illness through proper evaluation and assessment. To treat a person suffering from dual diagnosis, one first needs to understand the trigger for his problems, thus going to the root cause of his state of ill being and try to find a remedy for the same.

Like all other health care professionals, even choosing a dual diagnosis treatment facility requires some research and background knowledge about the places that are under your consideration. You can start of by finding out all the dual diagnosis treatment centers available in the vicinity. You can get such lists from the yellow pages. Once you have a list to choose from, first of all, it is important to make sure that the center has the necessary credibility and qualification for dual diagnosis treatment and that the professionals employed there are experienced in treating patients with dual diagnosis. Next, you should check for the relapse rate among the previous patients of the facility. The lower the relapse rate, better the reliability of the facility. You should also inquire about the cost of the program before you enroll and only once all your queries are satisfied, should you finalize your choice.

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