First Responders – Basic Skills

First responders are people who are trained at life saving skills such as bleeding control and CPR during medical emergencies. They are certified professionals who provide the initial life saving treatment before advanced medical care personnel arrive. So, what do these first responders actually do? Read on to find out.

We don’t have medical facilities at every street corner and traumatic situations can become life threatening without immediate medical attention. It is then when these first responders come into play. During those first crucial few minutes, they provide basic yet essential life saving medical treatment before advanced emergency caregivers appear on the scene. Having been trained in essential life saving skills, these first responders carry emergency medical supplies to help handle traumatic conditions efficiently.

With medical kits, first responders can stay prepared to face medical emergencies any time. These first responders should be able to perform a fairly wide range of emergency care including A, B, C’s, assessing the level of consciousness of the patient, doing automated external defibrillation, and performing CPR. Providing emergency oxygen, caring for spinal injuries, and giving other life saving supports until an advanced first aid provider arrives on the scene are also done by first responders.

First responders are usually locals or people who are part of volunteer emergency medical services (EMS) belonging to a particular area. Based on the needs of the community, the medical association, government, or local law decides on the type of emergency medical services that can be provided. These may vary regionally, each having its own method of EMS.

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