Fitness Nutrition – Why You Need Your Vitamins Minerals and Fibre

When you exercise on a regular basis your body will need more essential nutrients compared to a person who does no physical activity. When you are training you are putting exertion and pressure on your muscles, limbs and major organs. You are also using up more of the bodies fuel to power it.

Therefore, if you have the desire to achieve your body’s maximum power, stamina and flexibility you need to provide it with the essential nutrients to do the job. These essential nutrients are contained in carbohydrates, protein and the fat we eat in our diet. However, the body cannot use these nutrients effectively without the vitamins, minerals and fibre. For example, fibre helps the body with digesting our food effectively into the nutrients that needs to feed it.

The best form of these vital vitamins and minerals we need are found naturally in certain foods we can eat. The best source is fresh organic vegetables and fruit. They also provide a rich source of fibre. One key group of vitamins are vitamins A C and E. This group is also known as antioxidants. They can help repair the body by eliminating the oxidation affects of training which can damage cell tissue.

The best way to get your sufficient daily intake of vitamins, minerals and fibre is by eating a healthy and varied diet. This can begin with following:

Organic fresh fruit and vegetables: Organic is the best because it is free from any chemical pesticides and insecticides. If organic produce is not available ensure you wash the food thoroughly with water and a little vinegar. Fresh fruit is highly nutritious and is low in fat and calories. Try and vary the fruit and vegetables that you eat rather than the same ones every day. It is easy to do this by picking a different color of fruit and vegetable each day. Try and eat raw as much as you can as cooking can destroy much of the enzymes that are good for you. If you have to cook choose to steam lightly instead.

Wholemeal grains: These can be found in beans, pulses, brown bread and brown rice. These provide essential fibre and complex carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates are better for you than the refined carbohydrates that are commonly found in sugary snacks and refined floor foods such as cookies and cakes. The complex variety release energy in the body more slowly where as too much of the refined carbs can play havoc with your blood glucose levels.

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