Health Benefits of Amalaki – Liquid Multi Vitamins and Minerals

With a lot of debate going on about the nutritional and health benefits of different fruits, common man is confused as to what to use and what not to. The golden rule however says that fruits in general all are helpful. Their plenty of vitamin and mineral content help us rejuvenate our bodies and maintain stress free attitude. However, certain fruits have gained the value of medicines in our medical community. More than medicines these fruits are termed as power-fruits that help us conquer life’s odds pretty easily. Some of such fruits are amalaki, acai, rhodiola, goji, pomegranate etc.

Out of these fruits, here we are going to see benefits of amalaki. The meaning of amalaki in Sanskrit language is “sustainer”. The name itself therefore suggests its utility value. It is one of the richest sources of vitamin C that is 20 times more than what is found in orange. Also it is rich source of bioflavonoids, flavones, carotenoids, and polyphenols. No wonder many pharmaceutical companies use this fruit as one of the strongest ingredients of health supplements.

Let’s see some of the important health benefits amalaki offers:

1) Amalaki is one of the richest sources of powerful anti-oxidants. These anti-oxidants play a crucial role in the body to drive away free radicals and restore health.

2) Cardiovascular health: These anti-oxidants are powerful tools to detoxify the body and with the destruction of free radicals, they help in reducing arterial plaque formation. This in turn enhances good circulation and cadiac pumping is improved. Thus heart attacks, strokes, and related illnesses like hypertensions are prevented.

3) Gastro-intestinal tract: Due to its innate abilities, amalaki is thought to prevent constipation and hyperacidity. Obviously one can cope up with increased acid production and esophagitis and acid reflux. The fruit is also thought to impact relief to people with mild to moderate hemorrhoids and colitis. Its clearing effect on gastrointestinal tract is very helpful for people on weight-reduction regimens.

4) In Indian subcontinent, the fruit is used since thousands of years as an augmenter of vitality and youth. Its effects on mind as an energizer and mood elevator have been lauded in Indian literature.

5) In traditional medicine, amalaki is lauded for its utility in pyrexia, cough, asthma, heart problems, etc.

6) Due to its detoxifying effects relevant to high anti-oxidants content, it is thought of as one of the best blood purifiers in traditional medicine.

7) Its anti-viral and anti-bacterial properties have been utilized in infectious diseases. It has shown some promising results for prevention of many infectious and non-infectious ailments.

8) Its cholesterol lowering properties are well known and people who take regular amalaki supplements are protected from cardiac maladies for the same reason.

9) Due to its high vitamin C content, it augments the clotting mechanism of blood when required.

10) Even due to its rich anti-oxidants, amalaki is thought to prevent cancers of all origins.

Well, no doubt the fruit Amalaki is a “rejuvenator” and whole body is benefited positively with its usage. Why not select a health supplement that contains natural form of amalaki and other power-fruit extracts so that we get benefits from all in one formula?

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