Key Advances in Women’s Health

In recent years as our knowledge of women’s health has grown we have become more aware of the big physiological differences that there are between men and women and how because of this the need to treat each gender differently and look at sex when diagnosing certain conditions is beneficial.

Our attention should be drawn to the primary areas of concern for all women such as reproductive health, heart disease, female cancers and diet.

Its important to look at diet because we know that over 50 percent of the population is now overweight and that figure includes a big percentage of women that in fact are recognised as clinically obese. The consequences of this are huge. Some of today’s biggest killer diseases such as heart failure and diabetes are all directly linked to over eating and poor diet as well as a number of other life limiting conditions such as infertility and high blood pressure. It is important for women of all ages to eat as healthily as they can and take regular exercise

Female cancers have seen some success in treatments and diagnostics over the past few years, Breast cancer now has a better survival rate than ever before with early diagnosis up by 2 percent.

Ovarian cancer however has not had the same luck. Ovarian cancer is a difficult to diagnose illness. Most women experience many of its symptoms on a monthly basis without ever having anything wrong with them. However, those same symptoms can be a warning that ovarian cancer is present. So if you suffer from excessive gas, changes to your weight or a felling of fullness in your pelvis it’s wise to get checked out by your doctor, just to be sure.

The world’s biggest killer heart disease targets women and men equally but a heart attack is far more likely to kill a woman than a man. As previously mentioned healthy eating and regular exercise can all help to prevent you becoming a victim of heart disease, so making a few lifestyle changes is very beneficial in the long run.

There have been many changes in reproductive health over the years the latest now is a choice of intramuscular injections of patches worn to prevent pregnancy. There is also a new birth control pill that has a slow release dispenser. It releases the hormone over 84 days as opposed to 21, which means a women will only menstruate 4 times a year.

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