Medical Care in Berlin

Berlin is the second largest city in the European Union, and one of the most popular cities of Europe. As the capital city of Germany, it is known for its liberal and modern lifestyle and is an important economic and education center. The city has many world famous universities and research institutes. Berlin is renowned for its IT, pharmaceutical, traffic engineering and biotechnology industries. The Berlin medical sector is one of the best in the world and you can find many modern hospitals with state-of-the-art health care facilities in the city. The leading hospitals offer the service of English speaking staff and accept all major health insurances. This is a note on some of the globally known hospitals in Berlin.

DRK Kliniken Berlin – Mitte is one of the most distinguished health care facilities of the nation and is located at Drontheimer Street 39-40, Berlin 13359. Germany’s leading medical service provider, DRK Hospital Group manages this hospital. This center was founded in 1975 and acquired the accreditation of Joint Commission International, USA in 2002. The hospital has been honored with many other accolades as well. The hospital offers the best possible clinical and diagnostic services through its various medical departments and ‘specialty centers’. It employs more than 400 diligent staff. Many of the specialty centers are certified by famous institutions. One such example is the center for breast diseases which is certified by German Cancer Society.

Many procedures are performed through the modern minimally invasive (keyhole) method of surgery in DRK Kliniken Berlin’s surgical department. It is a well-known center for endoscopy, hip resurfacing and cancer surgery. The departments of anesthesiology, intensive care, emergency medicine and pain therapy are also well equipped and operate in association with each other. The center for diagnostic and interventional radiology features the country’s most modern angiography. The hospital offers excellent nursing services by employing members of the famous DRK Nursing Corps. DRK Kliniken Berlin is very popular among the local foreign communities. Tel: + 49 30 3035 60 01

HELIOS Hospital is another world-class hospital in Germany. This multidisciplinary hospital is operated by HELIOS healthcare international. HELIOS healthcare international was established in 1994 manages and its 61 hospitals employ 30,000 medical professionals. The HELIOS Hospital in Berlin has association with the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine and the Charité University Hospital. This 1100 bed maximum care hospital is comprised of 26 departments and has one of Europe’s largest hospital complexes. The hospital offers excellent clinical and diagnostic services in all disciplines and has several accredited centers such as the Helios hearing unit, the center for social pediatrics, the stroke center and the prostate unit. All kinds of surgical procedures are performed in the hospital and its modern surgery department is especially famous for vascular and keyhole surgery. This is one of the most preferred German hospitals for travelers and the accommodation facilities are similar to that of a luxury hotel. Tel: + 49 2151 32 4000

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