Medical Insurance Unburdens Visitors Medical Worries

Visiting the US from a foreign country can be an expensive experience if you’re suddenly taken seriously ill in Amoco or fallen down a ridge and broken your leg while touring the Grand Canyon. Healthcare in the United States is not subsidised by the Federal Government and hospitalisation in America can burn a huge hole in your pocket. With a Visitors Medical Insurance, you’ll be well protected from astronomical medical bills.

The right coverage

Before commencing your trip to the US, study the types of insurance policies available to cover any medical eventuality while travelling in the country. You should consider whether the costs of consulting a medical practitioner and purchasing prescription medicine are included in your policy. Unplanned emergencies like food poisoning or a fractured arm could easily occur and you’ll need to ensure that the medical expenses related to your urgent needs are indemnified. In most cases however, you would not be able to claim the costs of treating health conditions that you already have prior to coming to the States, such as diabetes or high blood pressure.

How visitors insurance helps

Let’s say that you have to be admitted for emergency medical treatment or surgery at a hospital. Each day you’re attended to by doctors and hospital staff would significantly add to your final bill. The sheer worry of how you’re going to settle the charges would affect your ability to recuperate. If you’re protected by insurance, the burden is shifted to the insurance company and you can concentrate your energies on a speedy recovery.

What you need to know

The medical insurance procedures in the US could differ from those practised in your country of origin. Familiarising yourself with the processes involved would assist you in handling your medical emergency better.

* Insurance plan. You need to first purchase the correct insurance policy for your particular requirements. Be aware of what sort of medical contingency is covered by your plan. The premium payable is greater for total medical coverage compared to selected emergencies. Decide on what you want indemnity for.

* Insurance identification card. You’ll be promptly provided with an identification card after you purchase the policy. Check that your name and other details are printed correctly. They must match your passport exactly because the card will be used to convince medical administrative officials that you have adequate health insurance upon admission.

* Toll free numbers. These are included for your convenience to enable you to quickly contact the nearest health facility in case of a medical emergency.

* Indemnity. Some policies require you to settle the hospital bill first and claim a reimbursement later. Alternatively, you may want to select a plan that allows you to submit the necessary documents to the insurance company and payment will subsequently be released to the hospital.

Your trip to the US does not have to cost you an arm and a leg when you meet with an accident while crossing the road. With a Visitors Medical Insurance you will be well protected from the hazard of paying prohibitive hospital fees.

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