Mental Poverty and Factors of Poverty – Reasons for Famine

Define poverty. Poverty is the state of being inadequate or having a lack of. Poverty is often found synonymous with the words poor, debt, hardship and emptiness. Define fear. Fear is a state of mind. Fear is an uncomfortable emotion that causes a person to feel threatened or believe that something or somebody will afflict them or cause them some sort of pain. When you compare the two definitions of fear and poverty, you will see these two words almost carry the same synonyms. It is safe to say mental poverty is the state of having an unhealthy and poor frame of mind. In these troubling economic times, a lot of men and women are suffering from this mental disease.

The overall morale of people has dropped because of the economic recession’s effect on their livelihoods. People are losing their jobs which leads to people losing their houses, cars, families and etc. People are literally losing their minds which is the most important tool that we as people must protect and keep out of harm’s way. This mindset has been around for thousands of years so we can not just blame an economic downturn on it. We must take full responsibility for ourselves, our thoughts and our actions. We must stand tall, practice good self-talk and have a heart to heart talk with ourselves.

Poverty is a mental illness that if left untreated can hinder us from achieving our full potential. We were born into this world and formed in the likeness and similitude of The Creator. This simply means that we have infinite and unlimited abilities to conquer any challenge we put our minds to. Mental poverty can spread like an uncontrollable forest fire if you do not stop the mindset in its tracks. This negative mindset can be passed along to your progeny if you do not fight to control it. For some people, mental poverty has become a lifestyle. This negative way of life controls a lot of different communities worldwide. There are several reasons for famine around the globe and poverty of the mind is one of them. Mental famine clouds sound judgments, kills ambition, murders willpower and overthrows your ability to properly maintain self-control. Do an analysis of yourself to be certain that you do not have a poor state of mind.

One must do deep soul-searching when seeking to eradicate mental poverty. There are several factors of poverty that one must take in consideration when doing a thorough investigation of your state of mind. Factors of poverty in one’s mind can be brought on by indecisiveness, procrastination, uncertainty and worrying. Being indecisive is when you do not permit yourself to do your own thinking. Indecisive people let other people think for them and the indecisive always straddle the fence. Fence straddling causes many people to stay stagnant and settle for a life of mediocrity. Procrastination causes people to put off what they should have done today and leave it for the morrow.

In some instances with chronic procrastinators, the next day never comes and the habit of putting things off become a permanent stumbling block. Life is filled with many risks and challenges which could make some folks feel uncertain of themselves. Uncertainty in your abilities is a form of self-doubt. Doubting yourself shows a lack of faith and self-confidence. Worrying can also lead to mental poverty. Remember, you can only control yourself and your circumstances. You can not control other peoples circumstances. The things you have no control over, learn to let those things go. If you do not let those circumstances go, they will drag you deep down into a rut along with them.

Mental poverty is self-inflicted. If you have an impoverished mindset, ultimately you must be the number one willing participant to pull yourself out of it. Even if it takes you getting in front of the mirror and having a heart to heart talk with yourself, once you put forth the action to free your mind from this negative thought process; the scales will start to peel off your eyes and layers of negativity on your mind will dissipate. You will start on the path of being a better, more positive and progressive person when you rescue your mind from mental poverty.

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