Mold Allergy in Food – The Cause and the Cure

At first, I never knew that mold allergy can come from food. My mother and I share the same allergy. Damp places, high humidity climate, old clothes or books always give us difficult breathing or other mild asthma symptoms. But when my mother was diagnosed to have the allergy from food, I just realized that there are many kinds of food that use mold in the processing. Who can have this allergy? Do both mold allergy in food and in air always come together? And how to cure it? Keep on reading…

Mold, as well as mildew, is included in the fungi family. They differ from other plants or animal by their unique reproducing methods. Their seeds are called spores. When an allergic patient is inhaling spores, they might have symptoms like sneezing and difficult breathing. Besides in the air, mold can also grow in foods. Although it’s only in small percentage, people with respiratory mold allergy can have the same allergy from food too. My mother cannot eat foods that are processed with mold, such as soy sauce, ‘tempeh’ or fermented cassava, while I don’t share the same allergy.

Although not a processed food, peanut can also cause the allergy from the mold alfatoxin, a toxin that can be found in corn, wheat, soy, and sorghum, as well as in peanuts. Other foods that might cause the allergy are mushroom, melon, berries, beer, smoked meats, and some grains, as well as some cheeses, like blue cheese. Other dairy products such as milk is believed to contain alfatoxin if it came from cows that is fed by moldy feed. The most common molds found in food are aspergillus and rhizopus.

So how can we avoid and cure mold allergy from our diet?

Just like any other food allergies, the best way is to stay away from foods you are allergic to. You need to have an allergy testing to confirm exact food products that cause your food allergy, and include those foods into your restricted diet. Some people try organic diet to stay healthier. However, as organic products lack of chemical fungicides, they can be moldy faster than non-organic products.

How to cure ?

Allergy is a body reaction against a toxic situation. Most of the cases, toxins that cause allergy come to non-natural substance. It happens as well in mold allergy. Therefore, the effort to cure the allergy by pharmaceutical medicines seem not appropriate, as those medicines are also toxic.

The best way to cure this allergy, and any other allergies, would be natural cure. Herbal therapy, homeopathy and acupuncture/acupressure are some of natural medication methods that you can try. Of course, sudden discontinuing of pharmaceutical medication would be unwise either. You should consult your doctor before slowly replacing your treatment with natural substance.

Allergy is a unique disease that we often cannot make disappear, however through a consistent and healthy diet and lifestyle, you can live normally with allergy, or even asthma.

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