Overcoming Panic Attacks Without Medication

Overcoming panic attacks, a condition which is triggered by anxiety disorder, can be quite challenging for some individual. By heeding the advice given to you by your mental health professional or your doctor, looking for active methods to minimize the anxiety and tension in your daily life, you will be protected and equipped with the right techniques to deal with a panic disorder. Below are some advices which can help in overcoming panic attacks without medication.

1. Cope with the panic disorder. Talk about the symptoms of your anxiety or panic disorder with your mental health professional or doctor so you will be properly diagnosed with a panic attack. Get a diary to document the strength and frequency of your panic attacks and the consequences or negative thinking that triggers them.

2. Find out a proper course of treatment for your panic disorder with your doctor. This may include anti-anxiety and antidepressant drug, behavioral medical care or a combination of these treatments.

3. Begin an exercise plan which will consist of different relaxation techniques, such as deep breathing exercises, tai chi, yoga and stretching exercises. A conventional workout in a gymnasium or any type of exercise can significantly minimize the quantity of stress which will aid you to deal with your panic disorder.

4. Terminate, end or significantly minimize the types of inputs or substances used in the food you eat which can cause nervous or jittery, such as sugar and caffeine. Increase the quantity of water you take everyday to at least 8 to 10 glasses. Stop or avoid eating before you go to bed that can reduce the quality of your sleep by raising your energy levels throughout the night.

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