Quantum Brain Healing Treats Food Allergies To Improve Autism

Quantum Brain Healing treats autism with several alternative therapies and dietary changes. These treatments address food allergies and detoxification among other issues. There are many allegations attempting to tie the autism spectrum syndrome to vaccines in young children as the diagnosis usually occurs when the children are young. This may be the case, or the vaccine may trigger the disease in a child with a challenged immune system. A deficient immune system can react to a multitude of triggers such as chemicals, pollutants, foods, dyes, medications, and environmental allergens. One-third of autistic children suffer from epilepsy. Emotional trauma for a child with a compromised immune system may provide the mechanism for symptoms of autism to occur or worsen.

There may be many dietary issues involved in autism. Immune system deficiencies may enable relatively safe substances to produce large negative events in patients. There are several theories which evolve from the basis that much disease is a result of allergies. After the allergies are cleared, the disease or symptoms disappear. NAET incorporates this concept into its method of healing to heal the body after clearing allergens. The Rotation Diet, Elimination Diet, Gluten Free Diet, and Casein Free Diet are other examples of reducing food allergies.

Every autistic child should have allergy tests checked and diagnostic testing for vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Autistic children are often deficient in selenium, lithium, and cholesterol. Vitamins and nutritional supplements should commence after the test results are in hand. Quantum Brain Healing monitors progress with food allergies to see how quickly symptoms diminish. Many children using NAET are much better after one year of treatments.

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