Self Improvement – Does Sexual Hypnosis Work?

Most individual have undergone through sexual dysfunction problems. This could be as a result of many issues. However this disorder can be very daunting to any individual, especially if it involves a couple. The act of expressing love through sexual acts can in no way be replaced. This is the ultimate act that strengthens and proves any romantic relationship. Many couples suffering from sexual dysfunction find themselves seeking solution in many avenues just to curb this problem. There are many solutions to this, but efficiency can differ in most cases. Most of therapies available are drug related, Yoga practice, brainwave entrainment and hypnosis. Does sexual hypnosis work? That’s a question asked by many individuals. Yes it does but as we shall find out there are other ways that are more efficient than sexual hypnosis.

Sexual dysfunction among couples can be brought about by mental disorders such as depression and stress. Every couple seeking solution to sexual dysfunction should understand that the mind controls every facet of human activity, and that remedies directed to it will have long positive effects. Physicians will administer drugs that have neurotransmitter stimulating capacity to cure sexual dysfunctions. Depending on diagnosis a physician can give dopamine and serotonin stimulants to counter sexual dysfunction. However, this is not a wholesome remedy for the problem. An individual should seek to uncover the root of any problem s/he is undergoing, and in this particular instance, the brain is the root cause of sexual dysfunction. To curb this total brain transformation must be attained.

Brain transformation practices such as sexual hypnosis and brainwave entrainment can be utilized to send affirmation to the subconscious causing it to develop sexual inclinations for better sexual performances. The method utilized by both differ, hypnosis use induction commands to access the subconscious mind, this method can have a un pleasing after effect condition to an individual. Some of this after effect may be felt as withdrawal syndromes after discontinued hypnosis practice. Hypnosis in itself can be addictive if not properly learnt.

Brainwave entrainment on the other hand, utilizes frequency waves to access the subconscious mind. This process is very smooth and efficient. An individual listening to binaural beats sounds will slip into different mind states with much ease and comfort. These sound waves are produced and manufactured to play in slight wave frequencies, these results to them entwining with the frequencies present in the brain. The synchronization between these two waves works hand in hand in better communication and affirmation.

Brainwave entrainment products are widely accessible in the internet. There are many brainwave entrainment products covering all facet of personal self improvement. Sexual brainwave affirmation sounds can be accessed on these sites. For better experience an individual seeking these should first download free brainwave samples offered in the guest portals of these sites. This act guarantees one to have an informed decision before purchasing a kit. Brainwave technology gives a wholesome solution to couples seeking remedies from sexual dysfunction. Does sexual hypnosis work? Well, it does but it has some unattractive after effects.

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