The Cause of Erectile Dysfunction is in Your Body – Only Just a Little in Your Mind

Few people are aware that in the majority of cases, it is the physical rather than psychological causes that are the culprits in Erectile Dysfunction (ED)/ Impotence.

Erectile Dysfunction is actually an eminently curable condition in men. Sexual impotence is poorly understood and mismanaged in today’s modern world.

There are 2 major factors that are the issues here:

1. Guilt, stigma. taboo, ignorance, superstition and myths linked with the sexual connotation and instilled into people depending on their cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds.

2. Grave sexual ignorance that lead people to believe that erectile dysfunction / impotence has ONLY a psychological origin.

These two reasons result in a gross mismanagement of erectile dysfunction / impotence cases. This in turn leads to the general and persistent impression that erectile dysfunction / impotence is a male condition that is ‘incurable’.

This unfortunate situation is highly unnecessary as not only are most cases of ED / impotence not only psychological in origin, but also they are eminently curable!

Erectile dysfunction, (ED) / impotence is an extremely common disorder. It can afflict any male from the age of 13 to 90. Statistics indicate that it afflicts about 10{7b225fbeff640dd30b4b8b66650188099c7e8b184e2fb5b5b9f806a74d59162d} of the male population. After the age of 40, the statistics rise to 52{7b225fbeff640dd30b4b8b66650188099c7e8b184e2fb5b5b9f806a74d59162d} of the male population suffering from ED / impotence.

Erectile dysfunction / impotence is not an all or nothing condition. It is common misconception in most men, including some doctors, that a man either has a high quality erection, or nothing at all! This is not a fact. Most of the men who suffer from ED have normal sexual desires and arousal, and most are able to obtain an erection.

However, the difference compared to a normal healthy man is that the man afflicted with ED / impotence is unable to maintain or sustain a hard-enough, or long-enough erection for satisfactory sexual intercourse.

Hence the term ‘erectile dysfunction – suggestion of partial loss – is preferred to impotence – suggestion of a total loss. Few men are aware that in the majority of cases, it is organic, rather than psychological, causes, that are at the root of their affliction.

In as many as 80{7b225fbeff640dd30b4b8b66650188099c7e8b184e2fb5b5b9f806a74d59162d} to 90{7b225fbeff640dd30b4b8b66650188099c7e8b184e2fb5b5b9f806a74d59162d} of cases of chronic impotence, the cause is in the body. It is a man’s ego, too, that prevents him from admitting that there could be something wrong with his symbol of manhood.

What could be the cause of this? Two reasons predominate:

1. Chauvinism. Most societies throughout human history were, and many still are, male-dominated and patriarchal. A man could not afford to ‘lose face’ or lose ego by admitting that there could be something wrong with their ‘manhood’ symbol.

2. Misinterpretation of Sigmund Freud’s teachings This led to the conclusion that the mind was the cause of most sexual problems in men. When most branches of medicine took their roots from biology, starting with anatomy (structure) and physiology (function) of a particular area under investigation, followed by observing and understanding what happens when the area malfunctions and becomes diseased, the male reproductive system alone took root, not from biology, but from psychology. This direction has caused grievous damage. It takes an explainable neuro-muscular phenomena to lift a penis – a mere naughty thought is insufficient, although it may help.

Erectile Dysfunction is linked to, and caused by, a wide variety of medical conditions. However, the basic mechanism responsible the affliction are only a few.

A few of the major causes of ED / impotence are diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, high cholesterol and lifestyle factors like smoking, drinking, stress and diet.

Make an appointment now with your physician, and get these disorders sorted out. And you’ll start to sort out your erectile dysfunction / impotence problem. No more putting your head in the sand like an ostrich!

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