Top Quality Emergency Critical Care in Case You Fall Ill

Emergency critical care is there to help you and your loved ones when you need it the most. It is not something families usually think about until a member of their family is in that situation, but being aware that it exists can provide some comfort and knowledge, in the unfortunate event that you or someone you know, ever need it.

There are over hundreds of individuals who need medical assistance everyday and this round the clock intensive service is always on guard and ready to help. Although you may never know when an accident or emergency is about to happen, being prepared just in case, is extremely important, especially when you have a family to care for.

When you think of emergency critical care, your first thought may be intensive support that is provided by the medical staff in a hospital. Some people may not be aware of other services that exist to help you get there as quickly and safely as possible.

There are specialised services that exist throughout the world that are actually independent of your local hospital. That being said, they are well trained in not only dealing with emergencies and transport by road ambulance and air ambulance, but also have many staff that are multi-lingual. This is extremely crucial when it comes to receiving the right type of medical treatment for your illness when you are not able to express yourself clearly and explain what the problem is, when you speak another language. If you ring an ambulance in an emergency because one of your parents has fallen seriously ill, imagine being able to explain to medical staff what the problem is, in your native language.

When you plan a holiday to a foreign country the last thing on your mind would be the possibility of falling seriously ill. If this did happen to you, would you know who to call? Would you be able to explain your illness to the medical staff? This can be extremely dangerous in cases where emergency critical care is needed. Every second that treatment is delayed, could result in the loss of life.

A good provider should offer the following services:

– Emergency lines – Emergency lines that can be reached 24 hours a day

– Ambulance transport – A well-equipped and reliable ambulance is a must when responding to any emergency.

– Air ambulance – Air ambulances are commonly used in locations where the traditional ambulance can’t reach.

– Skilled staff – Every medical team needs to consist of highly trained medical professionals.

– Long distance transport – Your critical care provider should also be able to provide long distance transport to both public and private hospitals.

– Ability to communicate and liase – there are private companies that can liase with the local hospitals on your behalf. This is important when you are in an unfamiliar country.

It is advisable to keep emergency numbers posted inside the house where they are highly visible, and if possible, near telephones. When you are travelling, keep the numbers in your luggage, or in your pocket at all times. We don’t choose to fall victim to illness, most of the time it chooses us.

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