Where Are the Best Deals on Hidden Cameras to Catch Elder Abuse

The fastest-growing segment of our population is senior citizens. Every year more and more of them go into assisted care facilities, nursing homes, or if they’re lucky they get home healthcare. That industry has long been known to have a shortage of qualified applicants. The result is many unqualified applicants get hired.

It is also documented that is many as 10{7b225fbeff640dd30b4b8b66650188099c7e8b184e2fb5b5b9f806a74d59162d} of all assisted care facilities or nursing home occupants have some kind of elder abuse. The percentage of elder abuse and home healthcare is difficult to document because so many cases go unreported.

And because the number of seniors is rising the incidence of home health care abuse and nursing home abuse is on the rise too.

The abuse can be verbal, physical or emotional. Theft, especially from Alzheimer’s patients, is quite common. If you ever go to a nursing home check to see what kind of personal possessions the patients are allowed to possess. Usually it’s very few if any for that very reason.

A hidden camera is simply a board camera placed inside an object like a wall clock, alarm clock, clock radio or similar common object. No one would ever know or suspect that they are being recorded. That’s the whole idea.

Some of these hidden spy cameras have built-in DVR’s that record to an SD card for easy playback.

But where are the best deals on spy cameras to catch elder abuse? There is no retail shops you can go to to find hidden spy cameras. So the best place to do used the Internet. Google the keyword phrase “best deals on hidden cameras to catch elder abuse”. That will get you started in the right direction.

Then you want to find someone who does the business full time and can answer any questions you have ahead of time. That is always a good indication of whether you can get service after you buy a product or have a problem after your buy a product. Look for someone who is a BBB member and has been around for a while.

And finally, there is a lot of price competition out there looked for someone who will offer you a good discount. Discounts up to 20{7b225fbeff640dd30b4b8b66650188099c7e8b184e2fb5b5b9f806a74d59162d} off are sometimes available.

When are you getting one?

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