Winter Mass Building Diet Tips

During the winter months many of us plan to put on some extra mass and build up our muscle. If you are thinking about bulking up this winter you should take these points into account.


To build more muscle mass you need to eat a surplus of calories so that your body has enough energy to perform all of its daily activities and have enough left over to actually build new muscle mass. If you don’t eat a surplus of calories you will not add any muscle mass to your frame – no matter what you eat or how hard you train.


Your diet should be made up of high quality protein, carbohydrates and healthy fats. A high protein intake will ensure you have enough amino acids to build new muscle mass. Foods such as chicken, beef, pork, eggs and protein powders will supply your body with the right proteins to build new muscle.

Just as important as protein are carbohydrates, as without these it will be very hard for your body to gain enough energy to replenish energy stores. If you don’t eat enough carbohydrates then your body will need to use protein to replenish energy instead of using it to build new muscle.

Healthy fats are also essential when bulking up as they are a rich source of calories (almost double that of protein and carbohydrates) and can help your body with many muscle building processes.

Meal Frequency

The best way to enable yourself to eat more calories every day is to split your calorie intake over 5-6 smaller meals instead of the usual 3. There are many benefits of doing this for example you will not feel so full and it will also increase your metabolism meaning it will be easier for your body to build muscle mass.

Supplement Intake

Proper supplement intake can also help you gain muscle mass faster. Supplement such as creatine, whey protein and weight gain powders can all be used to make gaining mass easier. For example weight gain powders can be used between meals to increase your calorie intake whilst being cheaper and more convenient that solid food meals.

Other supplements such as creatine can be used to increase power and strength when used as part of your mass-gaining plan.

So, if you are looking to gain muscle mass this winter make sure you have the basics in place to ensure all your hard work doesn’t go to waste.

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